Working with the H.R. Department

Most small-to-medium sized companies do not have the need or the desire to have a human resources department. However, all companies occasionally need the skills of a human resources professional. We have the skills you need, and are affordable and professional. Our results are focused on creating more time for you to concentrate on your core business.


  • How to hire the best in all areas from fit to performance… a poor hire is costly to all stakeholders, from your team to your reputation (read more)

Training & Development

  • How to support your team build the skills they require to provide you with the competitive advantage you need

Employee relations

  • How to ensure you have an engaged team that is operating in a healthy, productive environment

Performance review or appraisals

  • How to write and provide performance reviews that will motivate, identify gaps in performance using quantifiable data, and build a plan for improvement


  • How to handle downsizing, restructures, and terminations for cause, which will improve your reputation and help you avoid costly legal action