Three Traits of a Good Bookkeeper

Hiring the right bookkeeper to look after the financial dealings of your business is a significant part of running your business efficiently. After all, you want to make sure you hire a bookkeeping service that has the experience and professionalism to handle your business transactions with care. If you’re looking to hire a Mississauga or Toronto bookkeeping service, you should look for a bookkeeper who possesses three important traits.

Three Traits of a Good Bookkeeper

Is Detail-Oriented

A good bookkeeper will want to understand your business, and will ask a lot of questions when they start working with you. They’ll also keep detailed notes of regarding your business’s financial transactions, such as descriptions of what’s been purchased, and they will check in with you to make sure it’s all correct. A good bookkeeper will also want to develop a positive working relationship with your accountant, so they can work easily together to make sure the financial side of your business is run smoothly.

Provides Explanations

The job of a bookkeeping service is to ensure that all your accounts are reconciled, government remittances have been paid, payroll taxes are completed, and more. A good bookkeeper will not only provide you with those financial statements, they’ll also explain them using their extensive knowledge and experience. An inexperienced bookkeeper won’t have a comprehensive understanding of how balance sheets work, and will only look at your business’s losses and profits. A bookkeeper who can’t provide you with detailed explanations of your financial records and balance sheets won’t give a proper understanding of what you owe, and who owes you.

Has Experience with CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)

One of the most helpful aspects of a good bookkeeper is their experience with the Canada Revenue Agency. When the CRA calls, a reputable bookkeeping service will represent you and take care of all the complicated detail work. They’ll look at what the CRA needs, and will be able to handle the situation quickly and efficiently. A less experienced bookkeeper won’t offer to represent you when dealing with the CRA, and their limited experience means they won’t know exactly what to do. While working with a highly experienced bookkeeper might cost a bit more than hiring an inexperienced bookkeeper, it’s important to consider the value you’re getting from the service.

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